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P ersonal ALDs

Personal ALDs

Hearing Hotspot Phone ImagePersonal ALDs are a group of devices designed to meet the needs of hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals.   They are composed of three basic sub-groupings; personal amplifying devices, personal alerting devices and personal telephone devices. 

  • Personal Listening Devices
    • Personal sound amplifiers like the Pocketalker or the Bean that are designed helping with communication in special listening environments or for a limited amount of time
  • TV listening devices designed to provide a clearer and more comfortable listening experience with the television, stereo and other audio sources.
  • Home use induction loop systems
  • Personal FM systems designed to provide clearer hearing at distances
  • Personal Alerting devices
    • These devices are designed to alert us when something in the environment has happened, like an alarm clock or doorbell ringing to safety concerns like a smoke detector going off or when a caregiver needs to know when they are needed.  These devices are generally connected to flash a light or set off a vibrator when activated. 
  • Personal telephone communication
  • amplified telephones in a range of gain levels that also include clarity controls
  • Speech to text phones
  • Video relay
  • Bluetooth hubs and devices to connect hearing aids and cochlear implants to cell phones.