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Streaming Audio Wi-Fi: Hearing Hotspot


Hearing Hotspot Phone ImageSee and hear the thrill of your team’s game-winning touchdown… The brilliance of a classic guitar riff… The wisdom in a professor’s words. The Hearing HotSpot™ is an innovative, new listening technology that allows any venue to stream audio via Wi-Fi from TVs, music sources or live programs directly to an individual’s smartphone or tablet. To listen, an individual simply connects to the local Wi-Fi, downloads the free Hearing Hotspot app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and selects the audio channel they want to hear.
Each Hearing Hotspot system is customized, consisting of hardware components and a proprietary software license. Once a system is installed in a venue, the software license is activated by Williams Sound based on the number of channels (up to 56) at that venue. Williams Sound remotely monitors the status of each system and can deliver system upgrades directly to the venue without going on-site.

System Includes
  • Hardware
  • Software & Software License (based on # channels)
  • Monthly subscription fee

Note: iPhone/android phone(s) not included.


  • Broadcasts up to 56-channels of high-quality audio directly to  an individual's smartphone or tablet via an in-house Wi-Fi system.
  • Advanced software algorithm delivers audio with the lowest latency possible, so the audio stays in sync with the video source or live performance.
  • In-app links offer each venue the option of  customizable advertising (i.e., venue coupons), customer surveys, announcements of upcoming events, and PDF documents.
  • High-quality hardware components and innovative software offer the great performance and trouble-free operation.

End-User Benefits

  • Hearing Hotspot app is free to users
  • No need to ask for equipment (use own smartphone or tablet)
  • No hygiene concerns - use own earphones/headphones or Bluetooth equipped hearing aids
  • Service always available where Hearing Hotspot logo is seen
  • Discrete solution for hard of hearing
  • Reliable, clear  connection via Wi-Fi - just download the app, open  it, pick the  channel, and adjust the volume
  • Hearing aid users easily accommodated by inexpensive neckloops or their Bluetooth connection

Venue Benefits

  • No (or less) equipment to purchase and maintain
  • ADA compliant
  • High-quality and reliable technology from an industry leader


  • Unique offering that draws customers
  • Customers stay longer (drink and eat more)


  • Keeps patients informed and entertained
  • Reduces hygiene concerns

System Hardware Includes

  • Computer processor with installed Hearing Hotspot software
  • Analog-to-digital audio converter
  • Wi-Fi access point and router
  • How to Connect end-user instructions
  • Cables and connectors

System Software

  • Hearing Hotspot software license is included in the cost of each system and is priced based on the number of audio channels (up to 56-channels) at each venue plus a monthly subscription.
  • Each venue is provided with a unique software portal, allowing venue management to configure messaging and advertising for  its audience, as well as to monitor system status.


The Hearing hotspot is extremely versatile, designed to work in any venue where people can watch a TV or a live performance, but cannot hear it clearly.  In addition channels can also be used for audio description for the blind, or language translation(s) of a performance. 

  • Hearing assistance in public venues - stadiums, performance venues, houses of worship
  • Hospitality - restaurants, sports bars, casinos
  • Healthcare - hospitals, clinics, outpatient treatment facilities
  • Language Interpretation
  • Audio Support for Digital Signage

How It Works

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