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About Earlink, LLC


How long have you been in business?

Earlink was the name of our original website and web store.   The assistive products operation started out as 'Sound Solutions" and the hearing aid operation was "Hearing Resources".  The Sound Solutions morphed into "Earlink" around 1992 since most of our customers were more familiar with our internet presences then our storefront.  Since both businesses started at the same time we say that Earlink has been in business for 29-years now.

In 2012 we divided into two business along the product lines.  Hearing Resources, LLC was to deal with hearing aids and hearing aid dispensing services while Earlink, LLC was to be the business that dealt with hearing assistive products, hearing protection, ADA consulting services along with some educational focus for both the consumer and professional areas of the hearing health care field. 

As we started to plan for retirement we wanted to be able to sell our hearing aid operation but keep the assistive technology operation.  This we did in 2016 as we semi-retired in January of the year.  In Semi-Retirement we have focused our energies with Earlink, LLC into Hearing Assistive Technology for businesses, public accessibility in public venues, hearing protection and taking education for the hearing health care profession into cypher space with our new Earlink-Academy for On-line educational courses for continuing education and to help new people coming into the field of hearing aid dispensing with a solid foundation in the concepts and science of our field.  With over 36-years of experience we are now attempting to pass some of what we have learned on to a new generations of hearing instrument specialists. 

Why did you focus on assistive listening and signaling devices?

 I had been teaching classes in hearing aid technology and one of the things I had been telling students was that hearing aids, by themselves, were not the complete answer.  We, as dispensers, need to also educate and have available some of the assistive devices like alarm clocks and smoke detectors also.  My wife, also a licensed hearing aid dispenser, had been feeling that, for many people, hearing aids were not the answer to some of their problems. With this in mind we decided to carry a full line of both personal and commercial hearing assistive products at the same time we opened our hearing aid office.  We decided we wanted the assistive devices under a separate business so other hearing aid dispensers would feel comfortable referring their patients to us for the assistive listening technology.  Thus Earlink/Sound Solutions was born.

Why have you expanded into hearing protection?

While we have always been somewhat involved with hearing protection, using passive earplugs, I felt like it was to try to get attempt to get ahead of the hearing loss curve instead of always being behind it.   I wanted to  educate sportsman about the benefits of hearing protection and offer them something that would be usable for the way they wanted to use the protection.  So we are now carrying a full line of electronic hearing protection, that I  personally feel, is the best and most effective products on the market today.