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Earlink  cares about your hearing

That is why we carry only the best products to:
  • Protect your ears and your children's from pain and damage due to loud sounds
  • Alert you to event happenings and warning signals in your home like • a baby crying • the telephone ringing • when someone is at the door • the alarm clock goes off in the morning • the smoke detector buzzes 
  • Extend features of your existing hearing aids
    • By maximizing speech clarity with the use of assistive technology for the television, cell phone or computer
    • By adding wireless features to maximize the range or distance that you can hear and understand at
  • Through our consulting services and products • for the workplace • public venues looking for hearing accessibility • educational settings

The products we carry are designed to protect and/or maximize your individual hearing and listening abilities over a broad spectrum of soundscapes and environments.

Below is a link to our product catalog for you to browse.   By clicking on our "Earlink Ramblings" Blog you will find information about hearing loss and some of the latest in hearing technology along with my personal views regarding events and thoughts about our industry.  Like us on Facebook and keep up with us regarding events and shows we will be at.

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This year's Sportsman Show season was very good and we met many old friends and made some new ones.  It is really a joy to work with people trying to save some of their hearing instead of having to sell them hearing aids after the damage has been done. 

I am really thrilled when I get an email like the one below.   Thanks Mike for the great report.

  • Jay,
    I just had a chance to use the hearing protection I purchased from you in Eugene. We were shooting outdoors on Monday, mostly 9mm and the results were great! The sound of each shot, and there were a lot of them, was greatly reduced and the time delay factor was very minimal. Best way to describe it was “no pain” to my ears. Later I put them on in our indoor range, and with the acoustics of concrete walls and steel baffles this range is quite noisy. Again, the initial shot was reduced in sound to my ears. However with the sound bouncing around there was a noticeable “echo” that I could hear. Bear in mind, none of this was uncomfortable, and made the session pleasant.  Being an NRA Instructor, I found the product extremely helpful in communicating to my students as I wasn’t taking off and putting on cumbersome ear muffs.
    Thanks again,
    Mike Holder
    Cascade Firearms Training LLP


  • From another GSP15 user:
    "I could hear the deer before I saw it and knew where to look for him because I could hear him coming through the brush.  When I pulled the trigger, the blast was instantly reduced but the release was so fast I could hear the echo of the shot as it rolled off the hills.  Fast and Protective."

Thanks Glenn for sharing your experience with the GSP15's.

Let us help you and your loved one hear with better clarity so you and they can enjoy a more enjoyable life.
Call us at 800-531-2139 Today if you have any questions.  Thanks for your business.

Earlink, LLC

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